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Having a sense of Self and the Mission of the Genealogy Gangster Foundation

Having a sense of self.

What is our true mission?

Today I want to talk about the true mission of the Genealogy Gangster Foundation. The real mission for me is helping kids have a sense of themselves. In school, we learn the history of a nation, but we don’t learn exactly where we come from. And Inner City kid really doesn’t get told their family history, unless you’re the rare exception where your family chronicles that. To me this is a sad state of affairs, but understandable. Life’s pressures hit us and we don’t have time to educate our young


Teaching kid’s Genealogy is our Mission in Neighborhoods where it is not taught!

This foundation may teach a skill that people think is unnecessary. But nothing could further from the truth. As a Genealogy blogger, I am seeing more and more blogs lay dormant for a lack of a better word. One of my greatest teachers has stopped blogging and himself has gone into sales of Genealogy products more on the affiliate end.

Genealogy instruction is not common in African American Households!

This next sentence may offend African American Genealogists and for that I’m sorry. But family history research is seen by many of the African American community at large as a “white” practice, or something that only White people are into. As an African American genealogist, I know nothing is further from the truth.

Kids are more likely to succeed with a sense of self!

Installing this sense of self in the kids will give them a purpose to excel. When you know your ancestry you get a sense of yourself and learn the various things that give you the motivation to meet their accomplishments. I wanted to do an article on this because I feel its very crucial to let people know why you are asking for their financial support.

Seriously you need to get in on this!

The Raffle fundraiser is coming to an end in a few days and no one has purchased a raffle ticket. This is a very good opportunity to get a trip to Mexico and Las Vegas. Will you consider supporting us? Thank you for your time and I hope our next article is on the work we’re doing!

Enter The Raffle for $3.00 USD below!



What we need!

Over the next few month’s our goal is getting the technical supplies we need in order to do our mobile computer labs. That includes laptops (we need four total so if you’re getting rid of a working laptop please contact us.), Power Strips, a mobile hotspot (both the device and service), and hopefully in the future a mobile printer. If you have any of those items to give away please let us know.

Please Contact Us if you can help!

We could always use school supplies and office supplies as well. We are looking to partner with an Inner City School to run an afterschool program which is a process in itself of getting background checks done, etc Thank you for your time!

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Genealogy Gangster August Updates!


Genealogy Gangster Foundation Updates


I am so happy to make some of the announcements I’m about to share. First, i want to thank you all for your continued support; it is because of people like you that help us exist. We have sat down and created a plan to hold four camps this year.  We hope that you can spread the word about this to others. The Camps will be held

  • October 7th – Downtown Denver
  • October 21st – Aurora, Colorado
  • November 18th – Montbello
  • December 9th – Five Points Neighborhood

We need your support to hold these camps. They are not free, and we aim to provide these camps to the children free of charge. So we are holding an online raffle at RaffleRiver which is a secure operator of raffles.  We have two prizes available in the raffle.


GG Foundation Updates - Vegas Prize

Enjoy a 4 Night Hotel Stay in Las Vegas, Nevada

Our first prize is a trip to Las Vegas Nevada. Enjoy a four-night hotel voucher on us! Airfare not included!

GG Foundation Updates - Hollywood Trip

Enjoy a three-night vacation voucher to California, Airfare for two and Hotel included.

Consolation Prize

We are thankful for your support and to show our thanks we would like to extend to you a 2 Night Hotel Voucher courtesy of The Green Team! Once you enter the raffle, you will be emailed your voucher within a week!

Enter Our Raffle

Enter our raffle by going to the following web page.

How will we use these funds?

We will use these funds to first pay for our fiing fees for our 501(C)3 status for the IRS. The funds remaining will be used to purchase 3 refurbished laptops which the youth will use at each camp to do the research along with the teacher! We hope you can support and once we have the addresses nailed down we will let you know so you can tell youth in your neighborhood.


Kenneth Green

Executive Director

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Genealogy Gangster Foundation - Summer Camp Needs Your Help

Our Summer Camp need's your help!

Summer Camp Needs!

Summer Camp Needs – Help us with our first genealogy event!

Our Summer Camp – August 4-5, Denver Colorado

We will be hosting our first annual Genealogy Gangster Summer Camp,  August 4-5 in Denver, Colorado. Our goal is to accommodate 6-15 teens who want to get a start on their genealogy. We will introduce them to family history and genealogy and help them research their family trees.

We Need Your Help!

This program is hopefully going to be provided to these teens at no cost as we desire to reach at-risk teens from the east Denver and montbello-green valley ranch neighborhoods. We hope to provide the teens with a T-Shirt to remember the experience and we also hope to provide snacks for the camp. We also need to purchase six to twelve laptops (older models but with current internet browsers and wifi access) for the teens to do the work on. So how can you help?

1.) You can make a secure donation online on PayPal at PayPal.me/downtowngreens any donation would be of help to us.

2.) If you have an old laptop laying around that you are not using we could use it, contact Kenneth at Ken at genealogygangster dot us or using the form below.

3.) Boost the signal! Please share this post on any websites and social media that you can. These kids could benefit from having a sense of identity for themselves. They have the ability to grow and be stronger members of the community because they will know what stock they come from. And we hope to inspire them to be interested in genealogy!

We hope you can help! Thank you for your time!



Kenneth Green

Executive Director

P.S. We are still looking for members for our Board of Directors if you are interested in being a member please contact our executive director Kenneth at the email above or the contact sheet below!

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April 1, 2017 @ The Park Hill Branch of the Denver Public Library

Our First Class


Kenneth Green










March 3, 2017


Genealogy Gangster Announces First Workshop

Denver, CO, March 3, 2017– The Genealogy Gangster foundation is proud to announce our first introductory class to be held on the first Saturday of April hopefully at the Park Hill Library located at 4705 Montview Boulevard in Denver Colorado. Our classes are free to the public however, we will take any love offering that the community wants to offer for our time and effort. In our first class, we will teach introductory techniques where youth can research using family search and family tree websites.   We hope to have one basic class per month and one advanced class per month to start out with. Once we have more staff and more of a following from the youth in the community we will hold more classes more often.

“We hope to begin educating the next generation piquing interest from the youth in Genealogy.” – Kenneth Green, President

We hope to begin having these classes twice a month and develop a mobile computer lab that is composed of several computer labs allowing youth to eventually operate the computer labs themselves.  “Teaching the next generation to love genealogy!” – Kenneth Green

# # #

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Kenneth Green at 720.266.3229 or email at ken@genealogygangster.us.

We are really in need of computers (laptops specifically) for our mobile computer labs, We ask that they be minimum Windows 7 or OS X machines capable of connecting to the internet. If you have such a machine or if you would like to donate money to be used to purchase such a machine please contact the President, Kenneth Green at 720.266.3229 or at ken at genealogygangster dot us. We thank you for checking out this press release and pray God blessings upon you!


Download the Press Release Here

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